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“Happy to serve others with a smile each day”

2nd April 2021

Since Arise School first opened its doors, Atuvonikisie (Atu), has been serving healthy and nutritious meals to pupils and staff alike in her role as cook.   We well remember seeing Atu at work in those early days.  At one point, she was making porridge every day on an open wood fire for the 88 […]

Meet Teacher Martha Maina

19th March 2021

Martha joined Arise School as a teacher back in 2016.  She studied at college in the local town of Moshi and loves teaching, in particular, Grade 2.  Martha especially loves teaching at Arise, banana stew and pilau! Emmanuel and Martha now have three young daughters.  Like their mother, two of them love being at Arise […]

Making Arise School Self Sustaining: From Christmas Appeal to Cow Project

5th March 2021

Those of you who are regular followers of ACE will know that the long term aim is for Arise School to become self sustaining.  Over the years, various projects have been developed towards this end, including: purchase of a locally made bread oven for the school to bake its own bread construction of a well […]

Arise Welcomes a Teacher in Training

26th February 2021

“I was really interested to visit Arise Community School, because I have been told by some of my friends that the education system here is remarkably good and the school has a very warm, welcoming environment, therefore I wanted to experience it myself.  As a teacher in training this was crucial to me and this […]

“A Job with a Purpose”

19th February 2021

Since Arise School first opened, given the lack of job opportunities locally, it has been the aim to boost the local economy by providing work opportunities at the school for members of the community.  The school now boasts a staff team of thirty two, including seventeen support staff. Lazaro, the school gardener, is one such […]

Arise Superstars!

5th February 2021

In Tanzania, all school pupils, throughout the country, are required by the Government to sit national exams.  At primary level, there are two sets of exams:  firstly, at the completion of Standard 4 when pupils are usually about 10 or 11 years old, and, secondly, three years later at the completion of Standard 7, their […]

Arise Staff Run for the Community

25th January 2021

. Since its inception, Arise School has worked to become an integral part of its local community.  This has been reflected in many different ways over the years.  Most recently, between Christmas and New Year, Rachel and Josam, two of the teachers, supported their local community by participating in the Siha Afya Marathon.   Our […]

Arise School: Helping Families Achieve Financial Independence.

15th January 2021

Towards Arise Becoming Self Sustaining (2): Chicken and Egg!

19th December 2020

Just 18 months later, the project is thriving.  We think the photos speak for themselves…………. We still have a long way to go though.  If you would like to help ACE and Arise School on this journey, you can do so by making a contribution through the Virgin moneygiving page on our ACE website:  […]

Towards Arise Becoming Self Sustaining: Crops Galore!

14th December 2020

Three years ago, in September, 2017, ACE launched its “Well Appeal” to try and raise £10,000 to build a well and install an irrigation system at Arise School.  The aim was to utilise land belonging to the school to grow crops with a view to Arise becoming as self sufficient as possible The appeal was […]