Africa's Children in Education

Added Value

“I once visited Arise and immediately I sensed a difference, it was as if I was breathing difference. I will always remember the friendly greetings and smiles of the students. This was so much unlike other schools, and I have visited many” Local Community Member

Adding Value

To understand the value of a school like Arise, it needs to be seen within the overall context of education in Tanzania.

In government primary schools, there are often over 100 children in each classroom.

Two or three children may share a desk and resources are generally in short supply.

Breaking the Norm

Corporal punishment is the norm.

In particular, children from poor homes whose families are unable to afford school uniform, shoes or stationery may be beaten and sent home.

They may be too frightened to return to school and drop out of education. But, at Arise Community School, things are different.

Corporal punishment is forbidden. Learning is without fear.

Nurturing Potential

At Arise, by engaging with them as individuals and giving them the individual support they need, the teachers aim to enable the children to reach their full potential.

They are alert to health needs or home circumstances that may impact on the child’s education. They see the whole child.

“We teach children to be kind and humble, and help them to grow as people.” Headteacher, Arise School

Teaching methods in many Tanzanian schools continue to be very traditional, including teaching by rote. Teachers at Arise understand the learning needs of each pupil and tailor their education accordingly.

Each child has his or her own desk and chair. They all enjoy two meals a day.

The classrooms are kept clean and in good order. Trees, tropical plants and flowers have been planted in the school grounds, providing a green and pleasant environment for the children. The children enjoy going to school. They are happy and feel safe at school. They want to learn.


In addition, unlike government primary schools which teach in Swahili, the national language in Tanzania, all lessons are taught in English, the official language.


This will give the Arise pupils, especially those who are from homes where English is not spoken, a huge advantage when they go on to secondary school or higher education where all lessons are taught in English.

“If ever you need proof that Arise is a fantastic place, just look into the eyes of the students that attend. These are the faces of happy, fed, loved children”. ACE Volunteer

Arise School Celebration

What the children say they like about Arise :

Jennifer: “I like the flowers”

Elineema: “The teachers don’t use sticks”

“We celebrate to have the opportunity to create the kind of environment where a child feels safe and enjoys learning. We give them love, care, protection and education. Our aim is to give them something to smile about; a childhood to enjoy and to put hope in their hearts”. Local Volunteer