Africa's Children in Education

The Arise Philosophy

Equal Opportunity

The awesome backdrop to the school of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s snow covered peak masks the poverty in the local community where so many of the families eke a living from the land.

They struggle from day to day to provide for their children. Some of the children are orphaned or have been left in the care of grandparents, other relatives or guardians with little means of support.

The philosophy underpinning Arise is that it should be open to any child in the local community

All children should have the opportunity to attend, irrespective of their circumstances or ability to pay and irrespective of their religion or none, their faith, tribe or ethnicity.

Gender Equality

Also, as in many developing countries where money is in short supply, in Tanzania girls often miss out on education in favour of their brothers.

At Arise, girls have equal access and support is in place to try to ensure that they do not drop out of school because of caring responsibilities or for other reasons.

How this is all possible

In order to make this possible, ACE operated a small Sponsorship Scheme from the outset. The scheme has been critical in realising the Arise philosophy.


Students In Class

Food for Thought

Approximately 25% of the children in each school year are sponsored. Sponsorship meets the costs of the children’s school fees, their uniforms and school shoes, a school bag and two school meals a day.

For some children, the meals that Arise provide may be the only meals they will receive that day

They not only provide for their physical health and well-being but, also, enable them to focus on their studies and to make the most of their opportunity of education.

Self Sustainability

As part of Arise becoming self sustaining, the Sponsorship Scheme has now closed. Whilst ACE will continue to support every child currently sponsored throughout their primary education at Arise, the school has begun to assume responsibility itself for the sponsorship of those children in the local community who would previously have been sponsored by ACE. To this end, Arise and ACE are working closely together on a number of income generating projects to achieve the self sustainability of the school.