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First Impressions of Arise School: An Amazing Environment for Work and Play!

8th May 2023

Since Arise School first opened its doors in 2013, it has been good to hear the first impressions of those who visit or spend time volunteering at the school. Invariably, two things are immediately picked up – the amazing environment created in which pupils are able to both learn and play, and their happy, smiley […]

Arise School – farming for food!

21st April 2023

Following on from our recent blog about how climate change is impacting on Arise School and the local community, as students headed home for the Easter break, staff at Arise chose to dedicate some of their time during the holidays to the school’s maize fields. Once again, as teachers and support staff worked together, their […]

Arise School – an oasis in the midst of drought!

21st April 2023

Climate change is impacting globally. Due to lack of rain last year and, now, this year, the area surrounding Arise School has been suffering severe drought. Inevitably, this is affecting so many in the local community given their reliance on agriculture for food and to earn a living. On entering the Arise grounds, it feels […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Arise!

21st December 2022

After over two and a half years of the global pandemic, November saw us able to return to Arise School to join students and staff for a small celebration to mark the school’s 10th. anniversary. Like all things Tanzanian, there was lots of singing, traditional dancing, an athletic display and, of course, overly long speeches! […]

Congratulating Arise 2022 Grade 7 Graduates!

18th October 2022

On Friday 7th October, their exams behind them, Arise held a small graduation party for its third group of Grade 7 students. It provided the opportunity to celebrate and congratulate them for all their hard work, their commitment and the self motivation they had shown. Arise has now been operational for ten years and some […]

Connecting Classrooms from Widnes to Wiri!

10th October 2022

Pupils at Cronton CE School, Widnes, have been supporters great of ACE since the charity’s very early days raising hundreds of pounds for Arise School. In 2017, the Headteacher visited Arise, followed in early 2020 by two members of staff who spent time at the school as part of the British Council’s Connecting Classrooms Programme. […]

Arise Makes Quality Time For Parents and Students

3rd October 2022

In early September, Grade 7 students at Arise came together with their parents and the whole Arise team to motivate and encourage the students as they head towards their important Grade 7 national examinations.  In their final year of primary school, the students’ entry to Government secondary school is dependent on their success in these […]

Developing Potential at Arise Through Music

19th September 2022

In many countries throughout the world, music is regularly taught as a subject in schools.  Through exposure to music, pupils are able to access the benefits that music can bring to extend learning, improve their wellbeing and develop their potential, including playing an instrument. However, in Tanzania, this is generally not the case with the school […]

Children Needing Support 2022

24th June 2022

Unfortunately, 2022 has already seen changes in the lives of several children at Arise who, sadly, have suffered the death or are affected by the chronic illness of a parent or carer leaving them either in need of sponsorship for their continued education or financial support to live in the school accommodation.  If you or […]

Arise Pupils on their way to Academic Success!

25th May 2022

In Tanzania, all school pupils throughout the country are required by the Government to sit national exams.  At primary level, there are two sets of exams: firstly, at the completion of Grade 4 when pupils are usually about 10 or 11 years old, and, secondly, three years later at the completion of Grade 7, their final year […]