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3rd February 2024

Haverd, in Pre unit and his little brother Harvey in middle class, are both physically challenged with SPINAL MUSCULAR ATROPHY. All schools in the Siha district of Tanzania refused to take them except Arise! Both boys enjoy learning and are so charming! Everyone at Arise loves them.

Congratulations Arise School Grade 7 Graduates 2023!

5th October 2023

Grade 7 students at Arise School were excitedly looking forward to celebrating their graduation on Saturday, 23rd. September.  Having recently sat their national examinations, along with fellow students throughout Tanzania, graduation day is an important landmark in their lives – the completion of primary school and their onward journey to secondary education.   In the company of […]

Arise: A Welcoming Place and a Shared Learning Experience

3rd August 2023

Arise School recently welcomed a visit by students from the International School of Moshi (ISM). ISM is a long established school with campuses in the nearby towns of Moshi and Arusha and a diverse student population, aged 3 – 19 years, of many different nationalities. Recently, a group of ISM students and teachers dropped by […]

A New Home and New Hope for the Future!

21st July 2023

Many of the children at Arise School who are sponsored through ACE live in some of the poorest conditions imaginable. Frequently built of mud blocks and without proper doors or windows, their homes are not only extremely vulnerable to the elements, especially in the rainy season, but provide no safety or security for the children […]

Lasting Impression of Arise School: A Lovely Environment Where all are so Welcoming

12th June 2023

Our previous blog in early May was of Jess’s first impressions of Arise School as she arrived to volunteer there. Now, as she rapidly approaches the end of her stay and with the school closed for the mid year holiday, Jess has written the piece below, including her lasting impression of Arise: “The last day […]

First Impressions of Arise School: An Amazing Environment for Work and Play!

8th May 2023

Since Arise School first opened its doors in 2013, it has been good to hear the first impressions of those who visit or spend time volunteering at the school. Invariably, two things are immediately picked up – the amazing environment created in which pupils are able to both learn and play, and their happy, smiley […]

Arise School – farming for food!

21st April 2023

Following on from our recent blog about how climate change is impacting on Arise School and the local community, as students headed home for the Easter break, staff at Arise chose to dedicate some of their time during the holidays to the school’s maize fields. Once again, as teachers and support staff worked together, their […]

Arise School – an oasis in the midst of drought!

21st April 2023

Climate change is impacting globally. Due to lack of rain last year and, now, this year, the area surrounding Arise School has been suffering severe drought. Inevitably, this is affecting so many in the local community given their reliance on agriculture for food and to earn a living. On entering the Arise grounds, it feels […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Arise!

21st December 2022

After over two and a half years of the global pandemic, November saw us able to return to Arise School to join students and staff for a small celebration to mark the school’s 10th. anniversary. Like all things Tanzanian, there was lots of singing, traditional dancing, an athletic display and, of course, overly long speeches! […]

Congratulating Arise 2022 Grade 7 Graduates!

18th October 2022

On Friday 7th October, their exams behind them, Arise held a small graduation party for its third group of Grade 7 students. It provided the opportunity to celebrate and congratulate them for all their hard work, their commitment and the self motivation they had shown. Arise has now been operational for ten years and some […]