Africa's Children in Education


Developing Potential at Arise Through Music

19th September 2022

In many countries throughout the world, music is regularly taught as a subject in schools.  Through exposure to music, pupils are able to access the benefits that music can bring to extend learning, improve their wellbeing and develop their potential, including playing an instrument. However, in Tanzania, this is generally not the case with the school […]

Children Needing Support 2022

24th June 2022

Unfortunately, 2022 has already seen changes in the lives of several children at Arise who, sadly, have suffered the death or are affected by the chronic illness of a parent or carer leaving them either in need of sponsorship for their continued education or financial support to live in the school accommodation.  If you or […]

Arise Pupils on their way to Academic Success!

25th May 2022

In Tanzania, all school pupils throughout the country are required by the Government to sit national exams.  At primary level, there are two sets of exams: firstly, at the completion of Grade 4 when pupils are usually about 10 or 11 years old, and, secondly, three years later at the completion of Grade 7, their final year […]

Helping Bees to Flourish at Arise

7th May 2022

Part of its journey to become self sustaining, bees have now arrived at Arise School.  Bees are needed to pollinate, helping plants to grow, breed and produce food.  Although on the decline, they are essential to nature and our lives.  The school’s beautiful grounds are filled with tropical trees and plants – an ideal environment […]

Changing Curriculum

12th April 2022

A short while ago, we learned from Arise School that the Tanzanian Government had changed the school curriculum, including the way it sets the national examinations which all primary school pupils are required to sit.   This means that, this academic year, along with every other primary school in Tanzania, Arise School needs to implement a […]

Time to Party!

18th March 2022

Arise pupils, now in Standard 5, were delighted with the opportunity to relax and enjoy a class party to celebrate their success in the 2021 National Standard Four Assessment exams.  Overall, Arise School came 2nd out of 34 schools in the local District, a very notable achievement Forty two children (21 boys and 21 girls) […]

Oh, What a Life!

23rd February 2022

Now that the new Daycare room is up and running and the playground virtually completed, the ABC class, the youngest group of children at Arise School, can really enjoy their introduction to education. For these 3 and 4 year olds, their school day starts at 8 a.m. in the ABC classroom with activities such as […]

New Daycare Provision for Arise School

13th February 2022

Arise School takes children from three years old upwards and, as required at the time, was officially registered as a Pre and Primary School with the Ministry of Education in Tanzania in 2017. In 2020, the registration requirements were changed requiring Daycare provision (i.e. that for the 3 and 4 year olds) to be re-registered […]

Arise Pupils Seeing 2021 out with Progress Reports and Class Prizes.

22nd December 2021

In Tanzania, the academic year is from January to December. At Arise School, Grade seven pupils will be moving on to secondary education in January whilst a new ABC class will be starting their education. In all years, each Arise pupil receives an end of year Progress Report. Reports for children sponsored through ACE are […]

ACE NEWSLETTER AND CHRISTMAS APPEAL: “Somewhere to Play” November 2021

22nd November 2021

Dear Supporter(s), Achieving the sustainability of Arise School has remained a priority for ACE throughout 2021. Following the successful Well Appeal in 2018, the school is now virtually self sufficient in vegetables and fruit. This year, with your ongoing generosity and support, two cows were purchased and are now providing milk for the children. There […]