Africa's Children in Education

Celebrating 10 Years of Arise!

After over two and a half years of the global pandemic, November saw us able to return to Arise School to join students and staff for a small celebration to mark the school’s 10th. anniversary. Like all things Tanzanian, there was lots of singing, traditional dancing, an athletic display and, of course, overly long speeches!

From the pre-school children’s Fashion Show through to the Science Presentation by Grades 5 and 6, all years were involved in some way. Then, much to the enjoyment of pupils, staff and guests, Ron taught them a catchy new song about Arise.

The morning finished with pilau as a special lunch treat.

Guest Speaker, the District Education Officer, spoke about the many achievements at Arise in its 10 years. On behalf of the community, she recognised the role of everyone who has supported ACE to make that possible. In her words:

“This is a safe haven for our children, especially those coming from underprivileged and poverty stricken families. When I look at their faces and see the many beautiful smiles, I realise how important this school is to them. Thank you for being a part of their story”.

It was great to be back at Arise to participate in this landmark occasion and to see the continued development there in spite of the pandemic. It has been a long journey but one we feel very fortunate and privileged to have been part of. Our heartfelt thanks to you all for supporting us on the journey and all our very best wishes for the festive season.