Africa's Children in Education


Arise Pupils Seeing 2021 out with Progress Reports and Class Prizes.

22nd December 2021

In Tanzania, the academic year is from January to December. At Arise School, Grade seven pupils will be moving on to secondary education in January whilst a new ABC class will be starting their education. In all years, each Arise pupil receives an end of year Progress Report. Reports for children sponsored through ACE are […]

ACE NEWSLETTER AND CHRISTMAS APPEAL: “Somewhere to Play” November 2021

22nd November 2021

Dear Supporter(s), Achieving the sustainability of Arise School has remained a priority for ACE throughout 2021. Following the successful Well Appeal in 2018, the school is now virtually self sufficient in vegetables and fruit. This year, with your ongoing generosity and support, two cows were purchased and are now providing milk for the children. There […]

Making Children Learn With Joy and Excitement!

12th November 2021

Whilst not everyone may agree, for most who enter the profession, teaching is still very much a vocation requiring commitment and dedication to provide quality learning for their pupils, whatever their age. This week, we received the piece below from Diana, one of the longer standing teachers at Arise School. In a country where traditional […]

Rabbits Arrive at Arise!

4th November 2021

Arise School is always looking for ways to become self sustaining.  The school already grows enough vegetables and bananas to feed the children.  Chickens, cows and goats also produce eggs, meat and fresh milk to provide pupils with a varied diet and much needed nutritious food.  All of this helps to reduce the cost of […]

Everyone Is A Winner!

22nd October 2021

Students and staff at Arise have been making good use of their football pitch to take a  break from the rigours of their academic timetable and release some pent up energy.  Arise staff are also only too aware of the benefits to the children, as well as themselves, of physical exercise with Friday afternoons at […]

Arise Celebrates Its Local Volunteers 15.10.21

15th October 2021

Since Arise first opened its doors, it has embraced and harnessed the contribution of the local community, including that of local volunteers. In recent weeks, pupils and staff said their farewells to two such volunteers, Annasia and Lovegod, In their time at Arise, they have made different but equally valuable contributions to the school. Annasia […]

A Very Fitting Farewell For Grade 7

1st October 2021

On Saturday, 18 September, following completion of their national exams, Arise School said farewell to this year’s Grade 7 students.  Subject to their success in the exams, they will move to secondary school in January 2022.  A farewell party was held at Arise to celebrate them reaching this landmark in their education. Ombaeli, the Headteacher, […]

Arise School Brings the Benefits of ICT to the Local Community

18th June 2021

In April, the newly built Computer Room at Arise came in to use as a resource for the school.  It was built following a successful grant application by ACE to the British and Foreign Schools Society (BFSS) with the aim of bringing the benefits of ICT both to Arise School and the local community.   […]

Arise Computer Room Up and Running.

11th June 2021

Renting a House with a Purpose

14th May 2021

In early 2019, one of our ACE supporters pledged an extremely generous donation to the charity which he wanted to be used specifically towards Arise School becoming self sustaining.  He also particularly wanted this to be done in a way that would benefit the community.  It was decided to build ten houses on land owned […]