Africa's Children in Education

Arise School – an oasis in the midst of drought!

Climate change is impacting globally. Due to lack of rain last year and, now, this year, the area surrounding Arise School has been suffering severe drought. Inevitably, this is affecting so many in the local community given their reliance on agriculture for food and to earn a living.

Outside the school grounds, the land continues to dry up, with animals and plants dying. The ten acres of land the school rents has had to be replanted as it is too far from a water source.
Thanks to the well and irrigation system, the school environment is green and blossoming at all times. It has become a sanctuary for birds, butterflies and bees. Even two monkeys have now joined them, dining out on ripe mangoes and bananas. It is hoped not too many will join them once word spreads!
Inside the school grounds, Arise continues to be an oasis. Thanks to the well and irrigation system which so many ACE supporters helped the charity fundraise for back in 2017/18, in the midst of all this drought, Arise has been able to continue to plant its own vegetation and its animals are flourishing.

On entering the Arise grounds, it feels like being in a different world – a world that is evergreen. With high rising food prices at the local market, as well as continuing to irrigate the land and grow its own fruit and vegetables, the fish ponds are filled with water from the well, albeit necessary to cover them with nets to stop birds trying to fish for themselves! All to the advantage of Arise pupils who continue to benefit from the nutritious meals they receive.

Following immediately on from Covid, the ongoing drought is seriously impacting the lives of so many people in the local community. Without the benefits now being derived from the well and irrigation system, it would inevitably be having huge implications for the sustainability of Arise School at this time.

We join everyone at Arise and the in the community in their wish for rain in the very near future and take the opportunity to thank all of you who joined with us to make it possible for the well and irrigation system to be installed.