Africa's Children in Education

Rabbits Arrive at Arise!

Arise School is always looking for ways to become self sustaining.  The school already grows enough vegetables and bananas to feed the children.  Chickens, cows and goats also produce eggs, meat and fresh milk to provide pupils with a varied diet and much needed nutritious food.  All of this helps to reduce the cost of buying from the market.  In addition, two ponds have recently been built and it is hoped that, in the not too distant future, fish will feature on the school’s menu.

Meanwhile, rabbits have arrived at Arise!  The school’s latest project is a rabbit farm.  In Tanzania, every part of the rabbit is used for a purpose.  Rabbit meat is rich in protein and highly nutritional, the urine and manure they produce are high sources of nutrition for plants, and the skin is used to make carpets and decorations.  

As the photos show, hutches have been built and pupils are already getting to know the new arrivals and learning how to feed and care for them.