Africa's Children in Education


Rose Queen’s Vintage Afternoon Tea Raises Money for ACE

28th August 2015

One of our recent blogs featured 11 year old Eleanor, the current Rose Queen for St. Nicholas’ Parish Church, St. Helens. Eleanor has chosen ACE as her charity to fundraise for during her time as Rose Queen. Her energy, enthusiasm and commitment to raise money for the charity are exceptional for a young person of […]

The Faraja Group – Women Working Together to Provide Relief and Comfort to Each Other

21st August 2015

From the outset, it was our hope that, when not in use by the children, Arise Community School should become a community resource. The piece below is one example of how this is happening. Every Monday afternoon, when school has finished, 22 women from the local community meet there. They call themselves the Faraja Women’s […]

An Experience Like No Other

14th August 2015

In recent weeks, our blogs have featured the experiences and photos from our three Newcastle University volunteers, Beth, Tamsin and Emily, who have been working at Arise School since late June. They have also been undertaking research projects in the local community. Sadly, their time in Tanzania will shortly be coming to an end. Last […]

Our First University Graduate!

12th August 2015

Many Congratulations, Annastasia, on your degree results.   Our first university graduate through ACE!   What an amazing achievement. Very well done!

Enjoying So Many New and Creative Experiences!

7th August 2015

Last week’s blog, written by Emily, one of our three volunteers at Arise School, focussed on the creative activities the volunteers have been undertaking with the children whilst at the school. For all of the pupils, this would be their first opportunity to experience things like art, craft and music. They have even opened a […]

Making Simba come alive!

1st August 2015

In Tanzanian schools teaching tends to be very much focussed on academic subjects. There are few opportunities – and resources – for the children to experience arts, craft, music and more creative activities. This was why, when we were discussing with our three volunteers at Arise Primary School prior to their departure how they might […]

Enjoying Saba Saba Day!

24th July 2015

Saba Saba Day, 7th. July, is a public holiday in Tanzania. It celebrates the founding in 1954 of the political party, TANU, the Tanganyika African National Union. Like schools and businesses throughout Tanzania, Arise School was closed for the day. Tamsin, one of our three volunteers at the school, sent us the account below of […]

The Road to Independence

17th July 2015

All donations and sponsorship money received through ACE go directly to Arise School. The charity also supports several older young people to continue their education at a higher level where they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. The young people concerned are all either orphaned and without any family support or from […]

Rose Queen Chooses ACE as her charity!

10th July 2015

St. Nicholas Church, Sutton, is one of the few churches in the St. Helens area that still has a Rose Queen. This originated from the walking day, a local tradition in parts of North West England. The coronation ceremony takes place in June each year after much preparation by the Rose Queen and her family […]

Enjoying a cuddle – and a lollipop!

5th July 2015

Emily, one of our volunteers writes: “I met this little lady today at Kisimani Kids Club that runs every Saturday in the school for all the children in the community. She is so tiny still so not old enough to go to school and spent most of Kisimani Kids Club joining in the games via […]