Africa's Children in Education


A Chance to Play!

13th February 2015

Playing and having fun are not features of children’s lives in Tanzania. From an early age, young girls, sometimes as young as three years old, care for their younger brothers or sisters or walk to fetch water whilst their mother ekes a living to be able to buy food for the family. Young boys work […]

102 Not Out!

6th February 2015

When Arise School closed at the end of December 2014 there were 88 children on the register. Since it reopened in January for the start of the new school year, the number of registered pupils has risen to 102! It seems hard to believe that it is only two years since the school first opened […]

Ready for the Rainy Season!

30th January 2015

When we last visited Arise School towards the end of September 2014, one of the things highlighted to us was the number of children who come to school in flip flops or very old trainers. Many of the families in this poor community are unable to afford proper shoes for their children. This is a […]

Our ACE Christmas Surprise!

23rd January 2015

We hope you will have seen on our Appeal page our request for donations towards a new kitchen for Atu, the Arise School cook. This is Atu’s present kitchen. It is still commonplace in Tanzania to cook the traditional way on an open wood fire. Just imagine what it must be like trying to cook […]

Breakfast is Served!

16th January 2015

When the pupils at Arise School reported back to school last week after the Christmas break, their faces broke into smiles as they saw what was waiting for them – breakfast! It may have been a late Christmas present – probably the only one they would have had – but it would certainly have been […]

Arise School: Making a Difference to Children and the Local Community

10th January 2015

As Arise Community School reopened its doors this week for the start of the new school year, we learned that 10 new children turned up to register. We are waiting to hear exactly how many pupils there are now but we know that for many of the children living in great poverty and hardship, this […]

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from ACE and Arise School!

1st January 2015

It will be two years this month since Arise School opened its doors for the first time to 11 pupils, one teacher and one classroom. Africa’s Children in Education (ACE) only came into being as an association in May 2014 and was granted charity status in July. It has been a brilliant two years. 2014 […]

Merry Christmas – with Christmas Matchboxes and Wishing Wells!

24th December 2014

A very Happy Christmas to you all from ACE and from all the children and staff at Arise Primary School. A huge “thank you” to all our donors, sponsors and everyone who has supported us in 2014, including our “Buy a Breakfast” Christmas Appeal. We would especially like to thank all the local schoolchildren who […]

Rainhill Rotary Club comes up Trumps – Again!

18th December 2014

Rainhill Rotary Club has supported us financially since our very early days volunteering in both Tanzania and Kenya when we undertook various projects to improve the resources and opportunities for both the care and education of children. The Club has also supported ACE since its early beginnings in 2012 when Arise Community School was still […]

My Charity of the Year

11th December 2014

My Charity of the Year by Nick Posford ┬áNick is a professional fundraiser who we met earlier in 2014. He wrote about the work we do and kindly agreed to let us have an edited version for this website. You can read his original blog post on his website. “Writing this post excites me […]