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Wishing You a Happy Tuesday – a Blog from Arise School

“Once they step into our gate in the morning and run into our arms, we believe that it is our sole duty to ensure that their faces are filled with smiles and excitement. A day with joy when they enter, and a moment with joy when they leave our premises. We believe that learning should be an enjoyable activity and it’s a promise that our teachers will always aim to deliver, create joy in the classroom. We desire for our students to enjoy learning as well as they enjoy the games they play at the playground. We believe in motivating our students to enjoy learning because by doing so we make Arise a school that is intrinsically motivating and enjoyable to be at. When learning is joyful and desirable, students are hungry to learn on their own, without outside persuasion.

Join us today, and see the changes we are making! Come and see how tomorrow’s champions are being nurtured….

With a beautiful smile to remember, We at Arise Community School wish you a Happy Tuesday!”