Africa's Children in Education

Wearing Different Hats for ACE! – a blog written by Barbara, one of our ACE Trustees and a sponsor

“On their last trip to Tanzania, at the end of February this year, to see firsthand the latest developments at Arise School, Sue and Ron took some hats for the children knitted by one of the staff from Queens Park School, St Helens. These also included two hats knitted by myself. This gave me the idea of writing about the “two hats” that I wear to support ACE in different ways.

Firstly, as a Trustee:



When ACE charity was formed, I was asked to be one of the Trustees on the Management Committee. I was very pleased as I had had a long, professional career in Primary Education. All children deserve the best start in life that we can give them and I wanted to be able to support children who would not otherwise have access to learning opportunities.



As a Trustee, I work alongside another colleague on the Management Committee to provide fundraising links into local schools. The response over the last twelve months has been tremendous! Our local schoolchildren have risen to, and continue to rise, to the challenge. The children have come up with some excellent fundraising ideas which have been well supported by parents and friends.

Secondly, as a Sponsor:


I also sponsor two children at Arise School. Like all sponsors, I receive regular reports and photos by e-mail detailing their progress. Their names are Prosper, aged 5 years old, and Neema, 4 years. In his most recent report, Prosper was described as shy and hardworking. He achieved 88/100 for English and 64/100 forMaths.



Neema’s smiling face appears in a photo on the ACE website.

Following her mother’s tragic death, she needed a sponsor to pay for her accommodation as she had no family to support her.



Education is something which we take for granted in our country. For Prosper, Neema and the other children that we, as sponsors, are linked to through ACE, it is an opportunity to escape the poverty into which they are born.”


All donations via our website go directly to the costs of Arise School. Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor an individual child (from as little as £12 per month) and give them the chance of an education, please contact Sue and Ron at