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Volunteers Support our “Buy a Brick: Build a Future” Appeal

imageA few weeks ago, we launched our latest ACE Appeal – “Buy a Brick: Build a Future” – in order to raise money to buy blocks to build the next two classrooms. Those of you who follow the blogs will remember that, last year, Emily, Beth and Tamsin, then undergraduates at Newcastle University, went out to Arise School as volunteers. This week’s blog, written by Emily, is a great example of how, since their return, they have continued to prove brilliant ambassadors for ACE. Emily writes ……..

“Burger for a Brick!”

“Recently, we received a message from Frank to let us know the school is in need of 2000 more bricks to complete the fifth and sixth classrooms. The school has been growing upwards and outwards since our visit last year when there were only three classrooms built, so to hear about the fifth and sixth classrooms is great news! During our stay at the school we saw time and time again how the community came together to help in any way possible. The fourth classroom was already in progress, and people from the community came and volunteered their labour to help with building it.

We then decided to host a BBQ in aid of this! We set out the garden with rugs, brought the sofa out in the sun and invited our friends who were incredibly generous. We also went to local supermarkets to ask for donations and contributions towards the BBQ which was a massive help, with special thanks to Iceland and Sainsbury’s. The menu consisted of burgers, sausages, chicken, veggie alternative and Pimms! We charged various prices for each and managed to make a brilliant £150, which we can’t thank everyone enough for!!!

All in all, we had a lovely day and what better than fundraising and having fun at the same time. A big, big thank you to everyone that came, helped and contributed. The growth of the school that this donation will enable, is vital in furthering the children’s education.”


And a big “Thank you” to you, Emily, Beth and Tamsin, for all your efforts.

Are you up to the challenge of organising a fundraising event – a barbecue, coffee morning, quiz or whatever appeals to you – as part of the “Buy a Brick” Appeal? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Please email Ron and Sue at

However much or little you raise, every donation makes a very real difference to what we can achieve for the children at Arise School.