Africa's Children in Education

Volunteering Debut at Arise!

In mid-June, three young women, Beth, Emily and Tamsin, Geography students at Newcastle University, will be going out to Arise School – our first volunteers through ACE! We are all very excited about this initiative and hope it might set a pattern for future years.


They will be assisting the teachers in the classrooms and undertaking activities with the children at the Kisimani Kids’ Club on a Saturday. In particular, they will be working with them on some of the more creative aspects – art and craft, music, dance and sport – areas which are usually under-resourced or do not feature in the formal Tanzanian education system.

When term finishes at the end of July, the volunteers will stay on at the school to undertake individual research projects, part of their degree course, in the local community. They are concerned that the findings are of benefit to the school, community and ACE.

In recent weeks, Beth, Emily and Tamsin have been working hard to raise money to buy materials and equipment to take out to the school for use with the children. All money raised will go directly towards this. They have already held a very successful pub quiz – with, of course, a round of questions on Tanzania. Today (22nd. May), Beth is doing a 24 hour sponsored silence! As Beth says herself:

“This means 24 hours of no talking and not going on my phone. If you know me, you know this is going to be incredibly hard. I would absolutely love it if you would support me”.

Please join Beth, Tamsin and Emily in their mission by supporting their campaign to take the children as much as possible. They very much want to give the children the best experience they can.

ALSO – if anybody has anything that they don’t want anymore and they think the children will enjoy, then please let Beth, Tamsin or Emily know. They are looking for things like musical instruments, toys, maps, educational posters, balls, arts and crafts, educational games. They have already had some brilliant donations but need more, suitable for children aged 3 – 8 years. Whatever you enjoyed at that age really!

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