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“The Small Goat Herd is Increasing Rapidly”!

In our ACE December Newsletter (see our previous blog), we wrote “The small goat herd is increasing rapidly”. No sooner had we posted the blog than we received the following from Frank at Arise School:

“What an amazing Sunday we had today….. Salome and I were on duty taking care of the goats in the field, grazing them. It was wonderful to see them; so amazing to watch the goats eating and picking different kinds of leaves, selecting which to eat and which not to eat among thousands of grasses and leaves. We were enjoying watching them so much.

Bleue joined us. He is a school Shepherd dog who we have tamed to take care of the flock. As we were watching the goats feed in the bush, one of the goats gave birth to twins! It was so amazing to see them come into life… just a few minutes later, they started breast feeding, jumping up and down.

We were so happy see the number of goats now hit 28. Tomorrow, the children will be so happy to see the newborn goats kids join our Arise family.. Karibu sana Dese and mba (December).

We took the goats back to their pen for them to rest and digest. Then, we had to go to the garden and pick greens to cook for the school children tomorrow. That was our Sunday!”

What a fantastic experience. If you would like to help Frank and Salome in their endeavours to grow the goat herd and enable Arise School to become self sustaining, please purchase our ACE Gift Certificates this Christmas by emailing us at All proceeds from their sale will go to Arise School.