Africa's Children in Education

The Pre-Unit Children Enjoy a Song!

A couple of weeks ago, our blog featured the ABC class at Arise Primary School learning to count in English, the language in which the children are taught. We have been amazed at how quickly they pick up the language, initially in terms of their understanding and then in their ability to speak it.

Today’s short video shows the children in Pre-Unit Class singing a song in English. It is one of their favourites and will be familiar to many young children here in the U.K. The children in Pre-Unit are generally one or two years older than those in ABC class. They are in the last year of what might otherwise be called Infant School before they move to the equivalent of Junior School where their studies will start in ernest.

One of the things that the video shows is how far the children have come in learning English. It also shows how much they – and teacher, Esther! – are enjoying themselves. They just love to sing and to move to the music!