Africa's Children in Education

The “Feel Good Factor”!

In just under three weeks we will be back at Arise School. This time, it will be for a very special occasion. When school finishes at the end of November, Arise School will have been open for five full years. The time has flown!

In order to mark this, on Saturday 28th October, a celebration will be held at the school. Preparations are underway. As well as the more formal bits, the Arise pupils are learning new songs and dances to perform. We hope it will be a joyous occasion and a true celebration – one that gives everyone in the local community that “feel good” factor about what has been achieved in the last five years.

One thing we know from our visits to the school, and from looking back at all the photos and videos we have taken over the years, is that being with the children and seeing how much they enjoy school, always gives us the “feel good” factor. We hope watching this video will give you that same feeling.