Africa's Children in Education

The Arise Community in Action!

A few days ago, we were delighted to receive these photos and the piece below informing us that, once again, building work has started at Arise School.  

“In spite of the rainy weather conditions and mud here as it is the rainy season, on Saturday, 6th of May 2017, about sixty parents turned up at Arise Community School in response to a call to join our staff at the school. We planned to spend the day digging the foundation and moving the rocks for our next classrooms. We were so happy to see so many of those from our community come to support us. It was an amazing day with much accomplished.

The men dedicated themselves to digging the foundations whilst the women applied themselves to picking and moving rocks closer to the foundation to make it easier for the Fundis (workmen) to drop them in when the building starts. Though there were drops of rain here and there, everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion and worked hard.”

What a brilliant initiative! Another great example of how Arise School has become an integral part of the community. We look forward to receiving more photos as the building work develops. If you would like to support ACE and the local community in their efforts, please donate now to our “Buy a Block: Build a Future” appeal.  


Just £1 buys one block including the cost of laying.

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