Africa's Children in Education

Thanks to Cindy!

Many of you have been following the progress of Imamu, a little boy who was born with a congenital disorder called urethral hypospadias. This is an abnormality of his genitalia and urinary tract. It meant that he could not go to the toilet in the same way as most little boys. Although not yet of school age, it was likely to preclude him from schooling. 

Cindy, one of last summer’s medical students, was so touched by his plight and the impoverished circumstances in which he lives that she decided to try and raise the £500 needed for him to have surgery. 

Imamu was able to have his operation towards the end of January. We heard this week that he has now been fully discharged from hospital. His operation has been a complete success.

Thank you, Cindy, and everyone who supported her appeal, for taking this initiative and transforming Imamu’s life.