Africa's Children in Education

Surprise, Surprise! A blog from Arise School

“It’s Easter break, not a long time for some but a really long time for others, especially when it comes to our students at Arise School. You might wonder why, so here is a little story for you…….

During the ongoing test sessions for first quarter break, one of our students, Audray, became ill and was sent to hospital for treatment. After she had seen the doctor and received the needed treatment, we suggested that she went home for a little rest. But guess what! Audray burst into tears in front of her parents and the doctor. They wondered what was wrong. Was she crying because she was in pain? No. Had something else happened to her? No.

Audray was crying because she wanted them to take her back to school! A few hours later, her parents called to ask if she could return. The doctor confirmed that she was okay and we allowed her to return. Her day was one of joy and laughter. She didn’t miss any of her tests and couldn’t tell if she had been sick or not.

This is the impact that a school can have on a child when it creates an environment that is friendly and supportive, one of learning and of building friendships. We celebrate to have the opportunity to create that kind of environment where a child feels safe and enjoys learning. We give them love, care, protection and education. Our aim is to give them something to smile about; a childhood to enjoy and to put hope into their hearts.

Supportive friendship found at Arise brings healing to so many children. You can see why a child would not want to miss a day at Arise. However, there are times when they do actually have to be with their parents, including during the holiday breaks!”