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Support Our Unique Fundraising Challenge for ACE: “SCOOT THE LOOP”!

Two of our ACE supporters, Bex Band and Gil Drori, are currently preparing to undertake a unique challenge to raise £5,000 for ACE. They are going to “Scoot the Loop”! Wondering what this entails? Then read what Bex has to say:



“London has been our home for the last 5 years and for a long time now I have said that I wanted to take on a challenge, from my doorstep. I first heard about the London Loop from reading a copy of Time Out. It’s a 240 km trail that goes a full circle around London, often dubbed the M25 for hikers! It seemed perfect.


While commuting to work one day, I saw a business man jump on the tube with an adult kick scooter. It gave me a light bulb moment – although walking the London Loop would be fun, wouldn’t it be even better if we scooted it? Once I had thought up the name, “Scoot the Loop”, there was no going back!

As well as taking on a personal challenge, one of our biggest drivers for doing “Scoot the Loop” is to raise money for ACE. As I come to the end of teacher training, I have now, more than ever, an appreciation of the importance of education. School is not just about learning maths, english and science. It’s a place where children build confidence, pick up life skills, make friends and gain a sense of purpose and belonging. School is where aspirations are fostered and opportunities begin. We have no doubt that any fundraising efforts for ACE are being put to great use changing the futures of disadvantaged children in Tanzania.

In total, we are aiming to raise over £5000. To reach our target, we have been doing a number of small fundraisers. We asked local businesses for raffle prizes and had such a good response that we managed to do a total of 5 (!!) raffles, most of them at local, packed out pub quizes. We have also been asking our friends and family for sponsorship and have had “Scoot the Loop” T-shirts and leaflets printed to try and encourage people we meet on the challenge to donate.


Although we haven’t even started one push of our challenge yet, I already feel like planning and preparations alone for “Scoot the Loop” have been a big adventure. The challenge is unique. It has gained a lot of interest and we have been amazed at the generosity we have witnessed – from companies giving us scooters and equipment for us to use, to pubs offering us a free meal as we pass them on the challenge.

The support has been overwhelming and the last couple of months have been a lot fun. I really do urge anyone thinking of doing their own fundraising challenge to not put it off a second longer! Get out there, commit and get asking. You’ll be amazed at what might happen!

Now, all that’s left is to do is actually “Scoot the Loop”!

You can read more about “Scoot the Loop” at:

We wish Bex and Gil good luck. The challenge that they have set themselves is truly innovative. It will certainly be a very tough and demanding one which will take them at least five days! The money they are raising is going towards our “Buy a Block: Build a Future” appeal to build more classrooms. It will give more children at Arise Community School the opportunity of an education.

Please help them to reach – and surpass – their target by donating online now at: