Africa's Children in Education

St. Ann’s Pupils Donate Harvest Collection to ACE

Once again, we were delighted to learn that this year the pupils of St. Ann’s C of E School, Rainhill, were donating the proceeds from their Harvest Collection to ACE. The donation was the very first we received to our “Buy a Breakfast” Appeal when it was launched in October 2014.

Last week, we were invited into the children’s assembly to update them on progress at Arise School. The St. Ann’s children listened so intently as we focused on the story of one little boy and his two sisters who started at the school quite recently.

Like all of the children sponsored through ACE, Arise School is not just providing them with the opportunity of an education. It is making a very real difference in their ability to make the most of their schooling through the essential extras the children receive, in particular, with regards to food – breakfast and lunch.

The St. Ann’s children have continued to help us make this possible since 2014. We were also able to tell them about the plans we now have to raise money for a well to help Arise School to grow its own food and, eventually, become self sustainable.

A huge “Thank You” to all the children and staff at St. Ann’s for their continuing support in the last three years. We greatly appreciate all their ongoing efforts.