Africa's Children in Education

Rose Queen’s Gift of Electricity to Arise School!


In one of our blogs just 12 months ago, we wrote about the crowning of the Rose Queen ceremony which had just taken place at St. Nicholas, a local church, here in St. Helens. Eleanor, the incoming Rose Queen, was then only 11 years old. Last Sunday, in her retiring speech, Eleanor told the congregation:

“As most of you are aware, I have been raising money for ACE (Africa’s Children in Education) towards the purchase of electricity poles. This will allow the Arise Community School to have a computer so that the children can learn computer skills which are essential in today’s world.

I have done this through various fundraising events, which many of you have kindly supported. I was asked to speak on behalf of ACE at a St. Helens Rotary Dinner which was wonderful experience. A tombola proved very popular at my school Gala Day, a disco was organised in conjunction with the scouts. I have sold items at table top sales and finally a film night was organised with 7th St. Helens Girl Guides”.

Eleanor’s fundraising efforts have been quite remarkable. She has been a star. She has worked tremendously hard throughout the year to organise these and other events, including a much enjoyed vintage Afternoon Tea and a Firework Night supper. In fact, Eleanor exceeded all expectations by presenting us with a cheque for an amazing £2,200! Her gift of electricity to Arise School will not only bring light to the school, it will also light up the children’s lives in so many ways that would not otherwise be possible.

It is impossible to begin to thank Eleanor enough, her parents and family, the congregation of St. Nicholas and all those who have supported her to make this amount possible. Whilst electricity was on our “wish list” for Arise, without her fantastic efforts, given other priorities, there is no way in which we would have been able to even begin to raise money for several years to come.

Eleanor has been a brilliant ambassador for ACE. She has represented the charity so well. Even though her time as Rose Queen has finished, she is continuing to support ACE and is already planning another event! We have recognised this by making Eleanor our very first “Young Ambassador” for ACE – someone who will not only represent and promote the charity but, also, be an inspiration and true role model for other young people.

Eleanor, from all of the children and staff at Arise School, from ourselves and the other Trustees of the charity, many congratulations and a massive “Thank You” for all your efforts that have made this wonderful gift possible. You are an amazing young person. We wish you good luck and every success in the future.