Africa's Children in Education

Realising A Dream! Part 3

Our last two blogs have focused on the development of Arise School in terms of the growth in pupil numbers and in classrooms. In order for the children to learn, children also need books, both text and story books. These are often in very short supply in Tanzanian schools and this was certainly the case at Arise as we were starting from scratch.

Four years on, there are plans to convert a store room into a library to house over 1,500 books! The vast majority of these have been donated by schools and individuals in the U.K. Firstly, there are academic books which enable the teachers to access teaching materials to impart knowledge and learning to their students. Secondly, there are story books. The majority of children do not have books at home and they love looking at the story books that are now available to them. In particular, as their knowledge of English improves, they so enjoy reading them.  

Schools also need stationery and this can prove very costly. Until January this year, Arise School was having to use external stationery services. As the number of pupils grew rapidly, so did the need for printing and photocopying – more worksheets, more test and exam papers, more school reports and general paperwork. The stationery bill just grew and grew!

With the donations that we received through ACE last Christmas, the school was able to purchase a photocopier. This coincided with electricity being installed at Arise. Now, all the school’s printing and photocopying needs are being met on site. In addition, a photocopying service is also available to the local community at a reasonable charge, a small step in bringing in income locally.

In so many ways, the dream continues to be realised for both the children and the community. On behalf of all the children and staff at Arise, we wish to extend very grateful thanks to everyone who is helping us to make this possible.