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Rainhill Rotary Club comes up Trumps – Again!

Rainhill Rotary Club has supported us financially since our very early days volunteering in both Tanzania and Kenya when we undertook various projects to improve the resources and opportunities for both the care and education of children. The Club has also supported ACE since its early beginnings in 2012 when Arise Community School was still just a dream and we decided to build the first classroom. Since then, the Club has made several very generous donations towards the work of the charity.

imageThe Rotary Club has an existing partnership with St. Ann’s Church of England Primary School in Rainhill. Each year it matches whatever money is raised from the children’s Harvest Service as a donation towards a chosen charity. We were delighted to learn that this year ACE was to be the charity of choice. In early October, following our last trip to Arise School, we were invited into St. Ann’s to talk to the children about our work there.

The children subsequently raised the brilliant sum of £200. Not only did the members of Rainhill Rotary Club match it, in addition, they also agreed to donate a total of £500 to the school’s collection! You can imagine how thrilled we were to learn of this. We are a small charity and this will make a tremendous difference to what we can achieve.

The donation will directly benefit the children at Arise School. Some of the money raised will go towards our “buy a breakfast” appeal. Our aspiration is to make it possible for us to begin to provide a simple but nutritional breakfast for the children from January 2015 onwards. Sadly, too many of the children are suffering from malnutrition. Currently, their only food is the mug of porridge that they receive mid-morning at school. Some of the donation will also go towards shoes for those children whose footwear is totally inadequate, especially in the rainy season.

imageThe gift of breakfast this Christmas will make a tremendous difference to the lives of the pupils at Arise School and help them to make the most of the chance of education that they now have. We would like to say a huge “thank you” to the children of St. Ann’s and the members of the Rainhill Rotary Club for helping to make this possible. In particular, as a new charity, we very much appreciate and value all the ongoing support and interest we have received from Rainhill Rotary in the last few years. In a short space of time, their involvement has allowed us to grow quickly to a school with three fully furnished classrooms and enabled us to do so much more for the children. Without their help, that may not have been achieved.

ACE “Buy a Breakfast” Christmas Appeal

If you have not already donated to our “Buy a Breakfast” Christmas Appeal, we would very much appreciate your support with this initiative. You can do so by using any of the Donate buttons on our website.

A one-off donation of £20 will “buy a breakfast” for one child for every day of the school year!

A standing order of £10 will “buy a breakfast ” for six children for every day of the school year!

image Thank you for giving the children at Arise School the gift of breakfast this Christmas.