Africa's Children in Education

“One Step at a Time”

Since the charity started, a small number of young people have been enabled to access higher education or secondary school. Their family circumstances have all been such that, without the ongoing support of individual sponsors, they would have been denied this opportunity.

We recently learned from Arise School that one young man, Prosper, has now successfully completed his secondary education to the equivalent of GCSE in the UK. We received the following from the school to mark Prosper’s graduation from secondary school:

“We would like to congratulate Prosper on his form four graduation. We understand that it wasn’t easy but you’ve made it and we know that more years of success are ahead of you. Our greatest desire is that you keep up the spirit.

Today you walk amongst your peers, your classmates, and your friends to receive your O-Level graduation certificate that you’ve worked so hard to earn your whole life. Today is the day you graduate O-Level secondary education. Everyone that surrounds you is most definitely proud of you. And, after having seen everything that went into your education, we especially are so proud of you.

School can sometimes seem difficult. It’s filled with all-nighters, rigorous classes, hard work, and dedication. There were times you probably considered dropping out. We commend you for sticking to your education and completing your O-Level secondary education. This is one of your many milestones in life.

You have so many possibilities in front of you. Remember your worth; you’re a valuable person. Enjoy your life and the opportunities presented to you. Congratulations Prosper.”

On behalf of ACE and, in particular, his sponsors, we also offer Prosper many congratulations on his achievement and every success for the future. Very well done!