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Newsflash: The Well is Built at Arise!

Last September, we launched our ACE Well Appeal. We wanted to raise £12,000 for the construction of a well and the purchase of an irrigation system at Arise School. A well would enable the school to progress its journey towards self sustainability – a self sufficient school for the community. It would secure the future of Arise School and the education of their children.

For a small charity like ACE, this was a huge amount of money to raise. We anticipated that it might take a couple of years. Yet, with the generous support of so many of you, the well has now been built!

From Arise, the water (snow) on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is clearly visible. However, to reach the water under the mountain, it was necessary to drill down 104 metres. In spite of this, the construction task, made even more difficult because of the unusually heavy rains this year, has already been achieved!

[wpvideo 8kmDp8kA ]

The water is currently being analysed to ascertain whether it can be used for drinking as well as for irrigation. Irrespective of the outcome of the analysis, work is already underway to irrigate the land adjacent to the school. Crops will be grown to supplement the children’s diet. Any surplus will be sold locally to bring in income to achieve the school’s long term aim of self sustainability.

The well is a huge step forward. Both the school and the charity are entering a new stage in their development and their respective journeys towards the eventual aim they share. It has been achieved much sooner than expected and would not have been possible without the overwhelming response we have had to the Well Appeal. On behalf of Arise School and ACE, a huge “Thank You” to everyone who has contributed in whatever way to making this possible.