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“Mr Nick” Boosts Technology at Arise!

It was only in January this year that electricity was finally installed at the school. Immediately following that, two of our ACE volunteers spent time there installing the first couple of laptops and beginning to train the teachers in computer skills. Since then, two local volunteers have done a brilliant job continuing to train the staff and develop the school’s use of technology.  

Now, Arise School has a visitor from the UK who is using his experience and skills to develop this even further. As well as taking out more laptops – the school currently has five – “Mr. Nick”, as he has become known to the children, has undertaken further work with the teachers to develop their use of the computer. Training sessions have ranged from basic computer skills to using formula within Excel spreadsheets. The staff now have the skills they need to prepare their lessons on the laptop.  

In addition, “Mr. Nick” has set up a local WiFi network in the school. It is hoped that this will join up all the classrooms in order that the teachers and students can share documents and communicate more effectively. New spreadsheets and documents have been created to help record and keep track of information. The school’s printer is also part of the network enabling the teachers to print off documents remotely as they need them. 

From a position this time last year when the school did not even have electricity, Arise School has made a huge leap forward. Thank you “Mr Nick” for all your efforts to make this possible. We hope you are enjoying your time at Arise and, in particular, meeting the little girl you and your wife sponsor.