Africa's Children in Education

Meeting Emerging Needs at Arise School

imageSince Arise School opened at the beginning of 2013, it has grown rapidly from one classroom, one teacher and 11 children to four classrooms, seven teachers and more than 210 children. The major need is for more classrooms and, thanks to the success of our “Buy a Block” appeal, three more are currently under construction.

Meanwhile, new needs have been emerging from the practicalities of teaching the children. Although the school is at an altitude of over 4,000 feet, it is also on the equator. This means that whilst it can be quite chilly, especially at certain times of the year, it can also be very hot. One of the needs recently identified was to be able to provide shade from the tropical sun in order to make good use of the school grounds.

We have often seen how a small amount of money can go a long way in Tanzania. For a relatively low cost, a multipurpose, circular, undercover shade area has now been built adjacent to the classrooms. It fulfils a number of purposes, for example, as an outdoor resource and craft area; a quiet place for the children to study and do their homework and an extra space where they can be taught in small groups.

The undercover area is also serving as a shaded eating area for the staff and any volunteers. So far, given the rapid growth in the number of children at the school, the teachers have been unable to use what will eventually become their staff room as it is being utilised as an additional, small classroom.

It will soon be building up to the hottest time of the year in Tanzania. To be able to sit outside, learn and enjoy the shade is a rare treat for the children, one which is only likely to be experienced in a very few other schools in the country. On behalf of all the children and staff, we would like to thank our ACE donors for their very generous support in making this possible. Needless to say, everyone at Arise School is delighted to have this new resource.