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Learning to Care at Arise – new kids on the block!

When we posted the last blog, there were just 10 goats at Arise School. Now, just a couple of weeks later, there are 15!

Firstly, two of the goats gave birth to three young ones, including twins. The baby goats were up and standing within minutes of being born. Very soon they were attempting to walk around on their spindly legs and then drinking their mother’s milk. Within a day or two, they were hopping, leaping and playing with the other kids in the herd – true goats already!

The three new baby goats were welcomed into the world by the children. After a few days, the Arise pupils had an opportunity to spend time with them. They were so excited when they were told they could play with them. Although some of the children were a little bit afraid of them at first, they quickly learned how to tenderly care for them.

The children were encouraged to spend time with the baby goats to help them learn how to look after animals by being kind to them. In this way, they are not only able to learn how to handle, care and take responsibility for animals but they also learn how to develop compassion – an important part of a child’s development.

Secondly, we mentioned in the last blog that a donation had recently been received for two more goats to be purchased. The donation was made by one of our supporters in lieu of a wedding present to her cousin, who is also a supporter of ACE, and her new husband. It was a a lovely gesture. The two new goats arrived at the school last week and have been named Dotty and Jim after the newly married couple. We hope that Dotty and Jim quickly settle into the herd and their new life at Arise.