Africa's Children in Education

Inspired to Fundraise for Arise

It is always good to receive a blog, especially from first time visitors to Arise School with their initial impressions. Inspired by her visit, on her return to the UK, Marie set about fundraising for ACE. Marie has since sent us the piece below with photos from her visit.

“June and I were in Tanzania with the primary aim of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but with both of us having worked as teachers back home, we wanted to have the opportunity to visit a school to use our experience to educate pupils back home on what life is like for students in this part of the world.

Following our summit of Kilimanjaro, we were lucky enough to visit Arise school in the foothills of the mountain.  Having previously visited schools in Zanzibar, I was very impressed by both the setup of the school and the quality of the education the students were receiving.

The school is well organised and provides a really great opportunity for the pupils who attend.  We were welcomed by both students and staff and were treated to a welcome song performed by the pupils and the opportunity to visit and support in lessons.

I was incredibly impressed overall but what hit me most was hearing the stories about some of the poorest students who had been given the opportunity to attend the school and get an education by the sponsorship and money donated to ACE by those back home.  The money donated to help expand the school and give the pupils the education they otherwise wouldn’t have access to really does make a difference.

Since returning, I have been inspired to fundraise for the school and look forward to following its progress.”

Marie has raised over £200 for the charity. It will go to help Arise School further its journey towards self sustainability. A big “asante sana”, Marie. As a small charity, it means so much when people like yourself take the initiative to fundraise for us.