Africa's Children in Education

Helping Older Young People Aspire and Achieve: Lucy’s Story

Whilst the primary focus of ACE is to build Arise Community School and all of our fundraising goes directly towards that, the charity also supports several older young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to access or continue their studies either at secondary school or at a higher level. All are supported by individual sponsors specifically for that purpose.

So far, we have one young person who graduated from university in November 2015. This year we expect to have a second university graduate. She hopes to become a teacher. Although she has some family support, when we first met Lucy and her parents in 2011, they were struggling very hard to support their family and to meet the cost of Lucy continuing in school. In fact, it looked as though this would not be possible. Lucy writes:


“My name is Lucy Salvatory. My father is a driver of long vehicles and my mother is taking care of children in an orphanage. We are four children in our family – two brothers and two sisters – and I am the first born. I am studying at Mwenge University located in Tanzania specifically in Kilimanjaro region at Moshi town. I am taking my first degree in this University (BACHELOR OF EDUCATION IN ARTS) actually I am dealing with Geography subject! My degree takes three years to finish. I am a third year student and in November of this year it will be my graduation”.

When we first got to know Lucy, she was aspiring to complete her exams in order to study at sixth form level. Her parents were unable to meet the cost involved even though she planned to save money by undertaking what is normally a two year course in one year! (She subsequently did this successfully!) During one of our trips to Tanzania, we introduced Lucy to Alan and Margaret, two of our ACE trustees who were accompanying us. As a result of their ongoing support since then, Lucy has been able to continue her education. In her words:

“Alan and Margaret became my friends. They offered a great help to me and act as a stepping stone during my studies. I passed my exams and went to A level stage. I also passed and get a chance to join university. I am doing very fine with very good results each semester. During my second year I had a baby called Nirvan. I rent a room and he lives with me. Alan and Margaret continue to support me to finish my degree in July 2015.”

Without Alan and Margaret’s generosity, it is extremely unlikely that Lucy would have been able to achieve her potential in the way she is. We have no doubt that she will successfully complete her degree this year. We wish her every success in her final exams.

We receive numerous requests from young people who want ACE to support them in continuing their education. Sadly, we are unable to do so. If you would like to make this possible for a young person, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us on