Africa's Children in Education

Gaining Experience in the Classroom

As a small charity, all the money raised through ACE goes directly towards the ongoing maintenance and development of Arise Primary School. We also support a small number of older young people to continue their education at secondary school or at a higher level.

Without the support they receive through ACE, this would otherwise not be possible either because the young people do not have any family to support them or their family is unable to afford to do so. Currently, 7 young people are supported in this way. The money for this comes from individual sponsors specifically for their named young person.

imageOne such student is Rita. Now in her 20’s, we have known Rita since she was 15 years old. Her love of young children has always impressed us and she is now fulfilling her ambition to become a nursery teacher. She works hard at her studies and has done very well in her most recent exams.

Now on placement in a school, initially and not surprisingly, faced with a full class of young children, Rita found this challenging. However, she quickly got to know them and they her. With few resources available to her, she is finding creative and enjoyable ways to help them with their learning like the game they are playing using mice they have made previously. Looking at how relaxed the children now seem with Rita, they are going to miss her when she returns to college at the end of her placement.

imageWe currently have at least one young person who needs help with his school fees in order to be able to continue his education at secondary school. If you would like to contribute towards the cost of his education, we would love to hear from you. Please email Ron and Sue at