Africa's Children in Education

Future Chefs in Learning!

Being able to cook is one of the greatest and most important lifeskills, especially as it goes hand in hand with healthy living.  That is why Arise School is concerned to promote and develop pupils’ cooking skills from a young age.

Pupils from four years upward are taught how to shell peas, mash avocados to make guacamole and clean and toss greens for salad.  As they get older, they are taught to knead dough, make chapatis, prepare fruit and vegetables and make sauces.  By Years 5 and 6, as part of their Vocational Skills class, pupils are already learning how to prepare and marinate meat to barbecue. 

Alongside this, the school has allocated a piece of land for each class from Years 3 through to 7 to learn how to grow vegetables, another very necessary skill in a country like Tanzania.

Both growing their own vegetables and learning how to cook are lessons much enjoyed by the children. Some have already taken their newfound culinary skills home to try them out there.

We are certainly looking forward to putting our orders in and tasting their new found skills next time we are back at Arise School!