Africa's Children in Education

From the Children of Carr Mill to the Children of Kilimanjaro

A few weeks ago, we spoke to the children of Carr Mill School, St. Helens, about Arise School and the difference it is making in the lives of the children there. We also met with their School Council to talk about their ideas for fundraising.


Given the excellent reputation of Carr Mill School for reading and the lack of story books at Arise for the pupils there to develop their reading skills, it was decided with the Carr Mill children that they would bring into school a book that they had finished with for Ron to take out to Arise on his forthcoming trip.

This week, immediately prior to Ron’s trip, we went back into Carr Mill School. The children had made a tremendous effort and presented us with two suitcases full of all sorts of books! The children are also raising money for ACE through sponsorship. In fact, we learned that several of the children have given their own pocket money to help the children at Arise. We were overwhelmed by their generosity.

Ron is now at Arise. The children there were so happy to see what was in the suitcases when he opened them. The older children love to read and the younger ones to look at the pictures. The vast majority of their families are so poor that they have very few possessions. Books are certainly not something they will have at home.

Previously, there were more children than books at Arise! Now, the Carr Mill children have made it possible for all of the Arise pupils to have access to reading material. A brilliant result! A massive “Thank you” to everyone at Carr Mill for making this possible – the children, their families and the staff. Your gift of books will truly make a difference in the lives of the children at Arise School.