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Final Greetings from Tanzania – “The Education I Dreamed Of!”

Having said our “goodbyes” at the school, we made the 55 klms journey to the town of Moshi to catch up with some of the older young people we have been supporting over the years. A few days later, we embarked on what is always a very hot, dusty and tiring 8/9 hour journey by road to Dar es Salaam where we needed to spend time with two other young people we support in higher education.

There are currently six young people being supported through ACE to continue their education in school or at a higher level. All are orphaned or from very poor families. Without this support, they would not otherwise have had any hope of continuing their education or lifting themselves from a life of poverty. As all of the money donated to the charity goes directly to Arise School, the money to meet the costs of these young people comes either from ourselves or from other donors who specify it is for that purpose.

One of the young people ACE is currently helping through college is Dorice. Whilst we were with her in Moshi, she wrote the piece below and gave us her permission to publish it as a blog.


The Education I Dreamed Of!

My name is Dorice Elisante Shoo. I am 19 years old, the last born in a family of five children. I live with my mom, dad, grandma and older sister around Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. My parents try to work to support the family but earn very little.

I first met Kaka Ron and Dada Sue in 2012 when I was in Secondary School. When I finished my ‘O’ level exams, my family couldn’t support me to go on with further education as they had taken a loan to support me through ‘O’ level.


Kaka Ron and Dada Sue was the new help, the light towards my higher education. They made it possible again. In 2013 I was able to attend Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies where I was undertaking Certificate in Management and Accounting. This was very important to me, my second opportunity to brighten my future. It has been a real high hope to me, knowing that through this education, I can achieve all of my dreams and I will be able to support me and my family in the future and other people with hard conditions.


In 2014 I finished my Certificate and graduated to join my Diploma in Management and Accounting. I expect to become an Accountant or Auditor and so many other professions come from the course. My biggest hope is that during the course I will be able to acquire a lot of experiences which will help me mostly in having wide opportunities in jobs. I hope with this education it will be the open window for degree, Masters and probably PhD. I really hope I will reach that level one day.

Above all this, it has been a really, really good experience to me to open an account for my allowance and to manage my money and management in general. Optimistic I am that I will become a really good manager some day.

Also, during my Diploma, it has been fun because I am able to develop my management skill by being elected to be Class Representative of about 350 students. I get to experience how to manage people and help them with their different problems. Also it’s the biggest experience since I get to cope with different kinds of people.

I will always be grateful for what Kaka Ron and Dada Sue have done for me and what they are continuing to do to support my education.


Please help ACE to give more young people hope for the future by supporting them to continue their education. We welcome all donations or offers of sponsorship. Please contact Ron and Sue at