Africa's Children in Education

Elineema’s Blog

Elineema, now aged 10 years, was one of the first children to start at Arise School. He is a bright boy who is doing well in his studies. Like many of the local children, he was very much in need of care and attention when we first heard about him. 

Elineema’s father died when he was quite young and his mother suffers from mental illness. As a young child, he was taken under the wing of an older woman, who has become his guardian despite the challenges they face. Elineema now regards her as his grandmother. They live in a mud house with no water or electricity and nothing much inside – just two beds at different ends of the room and a cow in the next, separated by a door. The cow and goats are the only source of income they can depend on.  

Like most of the Arise pupils, Elineema assists with the chores both before and after school, collecting water in a bucket, helping with the cow and goats. He will then complete his homework assignments by solar lamp before the light fails. Elineema loves going to school and enjoys the 30 minute walk. This is how Elineema describes his situation: 

“Hello! My name is Elineema, I am happy to tell you that I am in class four. It is a very good class and pupils give me challenge in my studies that helps me to be active because everyone wants to be number one.

I always wake up early in the morning, I check wether our cattle have enough food for the day and if they are all okay then I take a shower at 6:00 am. I brush my teeth, once I finish I put on my school uniform, I also check to see if my guardian is awake. My guardian makes tea for me most of the times but sometimes I wake up early and make tea for both of us before hoping down to school. 

I have many friends on my way to school; I usually wake them to go to school, they are my good neighbors. I usually do domestic work during the weekends. I cut grass for the cattle, we have one cow at home, her name is Faraja and also five goats: their names are Cheupe (white), Chekundu (red), Nyota (star), Maua (flower) and Mariki (I have no idea what this means) the one I like the most.

My favourite food is ugali and vegetable, kale (sukuma wiki) it is a very good kind of vegetable. I also like playing football. When I grow up I would like to be a Doctor. I perform well in science and I hope that I will be top on the rank.”

Elineema’s grandmother is so happy that her boy is getting such a quality education which would otherwise be totally unaffordable. He has only been able to have this opportunity of an education as a result of the ongoing support of the couple who sponsor him. Please help us to give more children in the community the chance of an education and hope for the future.