Africa's Children in Education

Connected through “Connecting Classrooms”: Arise and Cronton CE Primary Schools “Living as One”

“Connecting Classrooms” is an international programme that promotes teaching and learning about global issues. It enables pupils to learn and work together on the big issues that face the world today. Under the heading “Living as One”, students at both Arise and Cronton Schools worked on their chosen global themes of Zero Hunger and Gender Equality.

Children and staff at Cronton CE Primary School, Widnes, their families and community, have actively fundraised towards the development of Arise School and donated hundreds of items since its early days. Last year a successful joint application was made to the British Council’s “Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning” scheme for funding towards a teacher exchange.

In February, as the first part of the exchange, Arise School welcomed Sarah and Zuzana, two teachers from Cronton School. It was their first time in Tanzania and, during their week at Arise, there was much sharing and learning on both sides to the advantage and benefit of all the pupils and staff concerned. Some of this, along with memories from the exchange, has been captured so well in the video below which Zuzana has since put together.

The second part of the exchange was due to take place at the end of this month. Two Arise teachers were excitedly looking forward to coming to England to spend a week at Cronton School. Sadly, the global Coronavirus pandemic now means that the exchange has had to be deferred indefinitely. However, we remain optimistic that it will be possible for it to go ahead once schools in both countries are reopened and travel restrictions lifted.