Africa's Children in Education

Class 3 Sing a Lullaby – with Gusto!

Two weeks ago, our blog featured the ABC Class, the youngest children at Arise School, singing their welcome song for our visit. This week, we feature Class 3, the eldest pupils at the school, now aged between nine and eleven years old, singing their welcome song – a lullaby.  

Normally, lullabies are gentle and soothing. However, this lullaby ” Hush Little Baby Don’t Say a Word” was sung with such gusto you might be forgiven for not recognising it as one! Like all the songs sung by the children, Class 3 certainly put their hearts and soul into it!  

Most of the Class 3 children only started school when Arise first opened in January 2013. After just four years of education, we hope you will agree that their grasp of English is extremely good. Whilst their pronunciation of “mocking bird” brought a smile to our face, it certainly far exceeds our grasp of Swahili!  
Judge for yourselves!