Africa's Children in Education

Schools across Tanzania reopened their doors on 29th. June following their closure since mid March as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. In line with guidelines issued by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Arise staff had been busy preparing to receive the children.

This included three teachers attending a two day training workshop on keeping children and staff safe and on handling issues arising from the virus. The teachers took back the information and learning they had gained to the benefit of the whole Arise staff team.

In preparation, hand sanitizers are now installed in all necessary areas, with plenty of soap and running water for frequent hand washing. As every pupil and member of staff arrives at the school gate, their temperature is taken using an infrared scanner before they are allowed to enter the school grounds.

In addition, all students eight years of age and older, excepting those with a respiratory condition such as asthma or sickle cell, must wear masks whilst within the school premises, although they are advised not to do so whilst engaged in sports and physical exercise activity. Arise is providing masks for children who arrive at school without one and advising parents to ensure their children have sufficient masks to change them. We know that this will not be easy for many of the poorer families.

However, in these unprecedented and difficult circumstances, we are reassured that Arise staff are doing their best to follow guidelines and keep their pupils as safe as possible. We also know that the children will be pleased to return after the three month break. We wish them good luck as they settle back to their studies, especially those pupils in Grades 4 and 7 who will be making up for lost time with regards to sitting national examinations later in the year.