Africa's Children in Education

“Buy a Block – Build a Future”

Buy a Block! Help build our next two classrooms at Arise Community School and you will give a child a building block for life.


Last Saturday, the Arise Community once again committed to the future of its children by donating building materials, their time and labour. Twenty seven people turned up to form a working party to help dig the footings of the next two classrooms. So far, the four completed classrooms have been built one at a time. However, as the fifth and sixth classrooms will form the bottom of a ‘U’ shape, it will be more cost effective to build them together.

Last Friday, Frank sent the following message:
“Tomorrow is going to be a big day again. Staff and the community will gather to start the foundations of the 5,6 classroom. Building materials will be delivered tomorrow as well. The district engineer will be there too. Some local volunteers and fundis (workmen) will start the building after the engineer has approved the depth and the standard of the foundation. Looking to have more than 50 people at the site”.

This week, Frank wrote:
“Last Saturday was a very busy day. Lots of work was accomplished..including delivery of most building materials and completing digging the foundation trenches. 27 people turned up. Some were digging, others carrying and moving stones and others scooping the soil. Everyone was so committed wth one heart ..from 7:30am till 5pm..they worked tirelessly..the work of one week was done in one day. Attu (the cook) made ugali (a local staple) and beans for them ..and everyone stopped for a lunch break at 1pm. Others who didn’t get time on the Saturday are still coming and will help this week. We received 24 tons of sand, 21bags of cement and 14 tons of stone…..still waiting for other friends who we have asked to donate.”

The next task will to be build the walls. We now need 2,000 cement blocks to complete the walls for both classrooms.

Please join us today in launching our “Buy a Block” Appeal.

The cost of one block, including laying, is £1. Just £10 will buy and lay 10 blocks. It will enable us to give more children in this small and impoverished community, the opportunity of an education. Help us to make a very real difference in their lives by donating now. Your gift of cement blocks will give them a building block for life. It will truly help to build their future.

Please donate now online or contact us at for further donation options.