Africa's Children in Education

Back at Arise!

Ron was back at Arise School this week to see progress after the mammoth efforts last year which culminated in three new classrooms being completed and furnished ready for use in January, the beginning of the new school year. This means that now, for the first time, every class – there are currently seven classes – has its own proper classroom. The classrooms are very roomy and provide plenty of space for 35 children in each. Unlike in many Tanzanian schools which are very under resourced, every child has their own desk and chair.

It was also Ron’s first visit since the electricity was finally installed. This has been a huge step forward both for the staff and the children. Following an immense amount of work by Bex and Gil, our recent volunteers, to provide training and support for both groups, Ron was able to spend time finding out how they are continuing to develop their learning.

As part of his visits, Ron always spends time looking at the school’s accounts and ensuring that spending is in order and in line with agreed priorities. This is an area where we always take our responsibilities as a charity extremely seriously. All the money raised through ACE goes to the development of Arise School and, as Trustees of the charity, we need to be able to account to all of our sponsors and donors about how it is spent.

Whilst at Arise, Ron will be talking with Frank about the future development of the school. In particular, when should the footings be started for the three more classrooms that are needed to complete Arise as a full Pre and Primary School? Another toilet block is also needed. That’s a lot of money still to be raised!  

ACE is a small charity and all the costs of Ron’s trips are always met personally. Please help us to continue the development of Arise School by donating online now or holding a fundraising event, however big or small. Every donation makes a very real difference to what we can achieve for the children. Thank you.