Africa's Children in Education

Arise School Gives Another Child Hope for the Future!

It has been part of the philosophy of Arise School since it opened to provide schooling for any child in the community of Wiri whatever their circumstances. The poverty in which many of the children live is stark and, without the support of our ACE Sponsorship Scheme, they would be unable to have the chance of an education. Behind each of them is a story to be told of impoverishment, struggle and, inevitably, the hopelessness of ever moving out of poverty.

Five year old Jessica is our latest sponsored child. She was abandoned by her mother who was very young when her daughter was born. Her mother’s whereabouts are unknown and Jessica now lives with her Grandmother in extremely poor circumstances.  

Jessica’s Grandmother is in poor health and is unable to work. The owner of the house in which she lives resides elsewhere but allows the family to live in the accommodation in exchange for looking after the garden and the goats.  
Whilst at the school recently, Ron visited their home. Like many of the homes we have seen in Wiri, there is no water or electricity, the toilet is a hole in the ground and the family has the absolute minimum of possessions. All of her Grandmother’s efforts go into providing enough food for Jessica and herself.  
Jessica’s friends all started school last January. She used to play with them and, not unnaturally, misses them a lot. Her Grandmother has been worrying about the fact that Jessica has now become very lonely and unhappy. She very much wants her Granddaughter to be able to go to school but there is no possibility of her affording this. Yet, like so many in her situation, that is her aspiration. 
With the generous support of a new ACE sponsor, Jessica was able to start at Arise School this week. She is waiting for her uniform to be made but, meanwhile, has been able to join her friends. Both her Grandmother and Jessica are delighted. Arise School has given another child hope for the future.

If you would like to sponsor a child like Jessica and give another child and his or her family hope for the future, or support the development of Arise School in any way, please email us at, or donate online now. Thank you.