Africa's Children in Education

Arise School Celebrates Its First Grade 7 Graduation!

At the start of the Tanzanian school year in January this year, Arise became a full school with 400 pupils.  For the first time, the eldest group of children, some of whom have been at the school since the first classroom opened in January 2013, went into Grade 7, their final year in primary school.

In Grade 7, all pupils are required by the Government to sit national exams leading to the award of a National Primary School Leaving Certificate.  Without this certificate, they are unable to move on to study at secondary level in a Government school.  The pupils at Arise were already working hard for their exams when Coronavirus hit Tanzania in mid March.  All schools were then immediately closed.

When they reopened in early July, the teachers at Arise put in extra time with Grade 7 to help them make up for lost learning.  The exams, which should have been held in September, were rescheduled in October.  Now, finally completed, the results are awaited with a mix of emotions, from feeling anxious about how well they have done, to looking forward to the knowledge that they will be going to secondary school.  Some are excited for their future endeavours whilst others will miss their time at Arise.

Pupils receiving their Certificates

To mark the transition from primary to secondary school, as is the tradition in all schools in Tanzania, the Arise Grade 7 pupils were excitedly looking forward to their graduation.  Parents organised a small, simple party at the school to congratulate them on completing their primary education and for Arise to wish them a farewell.  Every Grade 7 pupil was presented with an Arise school leaving certificate and there was also some recognition for those pupils who had done particularly well in their class work. 

As the first group of Arise pupils to reach Grade 7, it was a proud moment for them, their families and the Arise staff.  This was especially so after what has been a difficult and uncertain time as a result of Coronavirus.  Sadly, for the same reason, our plans to join them for the celebration had to be cancelled and we lost the opportunity we had very much hoped for of being with them for this special occasion.

Hats off to the Grade 7 pupils of Arise

We know that every student will have done their very best in the circumstances and look forward to receiving the exam results in due course.  Meanwhile, on behalf of ACE, we wish them all every success in their secondary school studies and their future life.