Africa's Children in Education

Arise Pupils Get a Head Start for their Financial Future

Learning how to manage money is an essential life skill although one that is often overlooked in the classroom. However, Arise School was not willing to take this risk. Instead, it is giving pupils a head start.

Arise believes that there is no age limit to helping children learn to manage money. In a developing economy, like Tanzania, this is especially the case. Very recently, the school teamed up with NMB Bank to teach the older pupils the basics of managing money and saving for the future.

Imelda and Reuben, two of the bank’s employees, changed their roles to become teachers for the day at Arise. Together, they provided a financial seminar which included money management skills and saving strategies. The pupils learned about the value of money, how to budget and how to save for future benefit as well as how the bank can help them with this.

The seminar was greatly enjoyed by the pupils. At the end of the day, much empowered with regards to financial stewardship, to their delight, each also received a NMB sports bag.

Arise is now looking forward to planning more seminars with NMB. Just another example of how Arise is giving its pupils a head start in life.