Africa's Children in Education

Arise Goes Green!

All efforts at Arise School are now focusing on it becoming self sustaining. As part of this, a farm project has been started growing vegetables. We all know that a healthy diet is one of the ingredients integral to smart children who can concentrate on their studies.

The aim of the project, among many others, is to cut down the food budget whilst providing healthy, nutritious food for the children. The vegetable farm is already enabling the school to save much from the money that would otherwise have been spent on food. In addition, the children have a much healthier lifestyle.

The farm has not only been a benefit to the school. It has also benefited staff members and some of the neighbours in the local community who are able to have a taste of the green vegetables grown.

Organic manure is used instead of artificial manure. This encourages ecological preservation and reduced chemical intake, preserving the environment. Following the successful ACE Well Appeal and the installation of the well during 2018, the school no longer depends on rainfall for irrigation. This makes if possible for vegetables to be produced throughout the year.

The outcome is to the benefit of all the students at Arise – healthy, nutritious meals contributing both to their overall development and wellbeing and their ability to make the most of their opportunity of education.

A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has made this possible. If you are in the area, Arise welcomes you to call by can and have a taste of the vegetables grown on the farm.

Karibu sana