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Arise Community School – Meet the Team (3)

Last week, we introduced you to the teachers at Arise School. This week, in the third and last of our “Meet the Team” blogs, it is the turn of the support staff. Together, and individually, the support staff play a vital and indispensable role maintaining security and the school grounds, keeping the classrooms and facilities clean and, not least, ensuring that the children have their daily breakfast and porridge.


Firstly, John is the askari (watchman) and caretaker. He makes sure that the school grounds and buildings are a safe place for the children, maintains and oversees them. But, John’s role does not stop there. He is very popular with the children and, at playtime, can usually be seen surrounded by a group of children. Also, invariably, John turns up every Saturday at the Kisimani Kids’ Club. There, he can be seen enthusiastically joining in the games, activities and fun with the children. At the same time, he plays a key part in the organisation of the Kids’ Club. A kid at heart himself!


Secondly, Josephine is the newest member of staff. A local Mum of six children and a single parent, over the years, Josephine has had a very hard and ongoing struggle to feed and clothe her family. Now, with the support of our ACE sponsors, Josephine’s three young daughters are all attending Arise School. Very recently, she started a job at the school working three hours each day cleaning the classrooms and assisting the cook with food preparation. What impressed us so much when we saw her on our recent trip, were both the enjoyment and great pride Josephine was taking in her work. Arise School creating jobs – and hope – for the community!

imageLast, but very importantly, is Atu, the cook. Given the very poor circumstances of so many of the families and the struggle they have to feed their children, Atu’s role preparing and cooking the food is critical in promoting the physical health and wellbeing of the pupils at Arise School. Since the school started providing breakfast for every child at the beginning of the January term, Atu has been working particularly hard. When we were at the school a few weeks ago, we were delighted to be able to see her cook the first meal in her new kitchen, the result of an anonymous donation to ACE just before Christmas. Atu’s delight was immeasurable!

And, finally, the man who gave his land to make all of this possible, Frank’s father.


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