Africa's Children in Education

An Update from Arise School



Modern technology, often frustrating and challenging for those of us who were not brought up on it, enables us to keep in regular contact with Arise School and developments there. We thought you would enjoy reading the extracts below which are taken from a longer update we received recently from Frank.

“First of all, I would like to assure you that all the children at Arise School are well and doing good, having their greatest moments of studying and enjoying their playtimes. Though we had some who caught flu and missed a day or two off school due to the change in weather, we are glad to say they are now back in perfect shape. They have all returned to their studies and enjoyable moments at school.

We recently had a visit from Hai district student Scout Team from Shilela Primary School who came and visited us. The children enjoyed the performance they gave us. Since it was on Friday and we usually have sports and games on Friday, we let them mingle together for fun. They enjoyed our playground and, if they had a choice, they wouldn’t have resisted staying at Arise by the looks of it! Some of our students look forward to joining the Scout Programme at the beginning of next year. We think this will be good and enjoyable for them too, especially when they love jumping all around and playing.


We hope that Liz (our latest volunteer) had a wonderful time out here and we really appreciate her for taking the time to come out and spend her time with us. The children have started missing her already, they really did enjoy her presence with them. They had the time to learn from one another and enjoyed each other’s company. The staff also had a lot to learn from her, as she also learned from them. I can still see her assisting the children during lunchtime. She would always be working with the food teacher to ensure that each child got their food. We appreciate her service and we hope that she returns some time in the future. We thank you and ACE Charity for sending her.

What can I say, the classrooms we are working on are almost done. Soon we shall altogether shout ‘Hooray!’ Thanks to ACE Charity and the hardworking fundis (workmen) who are dedicating their time to ensure that the work goes as smooth and fast as possible. Last week, we completed the floors. This week we are looking at fitting the windows in, as well as doing the gypsum and painting. By the looks of it, we are finally at the end of completing the job and this is our greatest expectation within the next two weeks.

We are also adding on some extra plants to keep the area as green and fresh as possible. I have been bringing in some new plants to be planted. I hope by the time you come you will at least be able to spot the difference at once. We keep turning the place into a beautiful paradise for the children. I hope this will give them an opportunity to see the beauty of fauna and flora.

Once again, a huge thank you to ACE Charity, all the sponsors and supporters for making it possible. Thank you very much for making it possible for these amazing children to have an opportunity in education.”

We hope you agree with us that the photos speak for themselves.