Africa's Children in Education

An End of Term Treat!

When term finished for the Easter break, the pupils at Arise School enjoyed a rare treat – beef pilau and juice! This traditional rice pilau dish is frequently eaten in Tanzanian homes and contains a particular blend of tasty spices. It is eaten to celebrate special occasions, like Christmas or at a wedding, when meat – beef, chicken or lamb – may be added to the rice and vegetables.

For the majority of the Arise children, any meat is a very special treat. On the last day of term, the excitement level grew. The smell of the spices emerged from the school kitchen and wafted in the air as Atu, the school cook, prepared the pilau. At last, it was ready for the children to eat, washed down with juice. We hope you agree that the smiles on the children’s faces as they tucked into their delicious meal speak for themselves.

This enjoyable, end of term treat was made possible by a generous donation from one of our longstanding sponsors. Her mother had recently celebrated her 80th birthday and our sponsor specifically requested that the money be used for a celebration that all the children could enjoy. The pilau proved an excellent choice.  

On behalf of all the Arise pupils, a huge “thank you” to our sponsor for making the end of term such a memorable event.